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July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio


July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio


July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio



Studio Works is an informal, works-in-progress series designed for makers of all disciplines creating live work to share new and old work at any stage of development. 


Each Studio Works program hosts 2-3 artists. Artists are welcome to show work at any stage of development, set up a dialogue and feedback with the audience, and transform this opportunity in any way that serves them best. Artists may use/share work in The Art Room studio space or any outside space around the Art Room Studio upon request.  

Artists are recommended to share work at Studio Works by past Studio Works artists and people within our network. Please contact us at to learn more on how to share work at an upcoming Studio Works. 

Studio Works Archive ​:



​Aug 24, 2024: Leigh Huster, Ray Toy, and Patricia Graham


June 1, 2024:  Aubrey Donisch, Miryam Coppersmith, and Yvette Tiya


January 20, 2024: gen paige deal, Mikah Simone


July 2023 : Chloe Marie, Emmet WIlson & Rose Luardo, and Timna Jahoda Kligler

January 2023: Kimya Jackson,  Amalia Colon-Nava, AJ Wilmore

April 2022: Empress Mars, AJ Wilmore, and Marcie Mamura

October 2021: Micah Lat, Amalia Gabriel Colón Nava, & Tyler Rivera

April 2021: Crux, Caitlin Green, & Jungwoong Kim 

Fall 2020:  K-Loca, Laura Vriend, & Lindsey Huster

October 2019: Jeff Evans, Michelle Slavik, Kat Sullivan 

November 2019: Shannon Brooks , L. Graciella Maiolatesi , Margot Steinberg 

2018: Jung Woong Kim, Marion Ramirez, and their sons Ari and Camilo


If you were a part of an unlisted, past studio works and would like it listed in this archive please email us at

STUDIO WORKS in the press:

STUDIO WORKS in the press:

AJ 1.jpg

Locating knowledge: a triptych of solos

Read  review of Kimya Jackson, Amalia, and AJ Wilson’s performances for STUDIO WORKS written by Emmett Wilson for thINKingdance.

“....feelings of gratitude for the gifts of these pieces, and someone noted the airplane going by as an act of god (in the poetic sense). I left feeling joy to remember that dance is a way of knowing and understanding the world together.“

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