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July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio


July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio


July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio


We could plant fruit trees

We could plant fruit trees/

Podríamos plantar arboles frutales:

Friday, May 17th, 7pm-10pm

The Art Room Studio:

2329 s 3rd st

A public workshop from Amalia Colon-Nava (REAP 2023--2024). This workshop is for artists of all disciplines!  There will be snacks and drinks!


Donation based: $5-15 dollars which can be paid to Amalia via venmo (@amalia-colon-nava), cashapp ($AmaliaColonNava) or cash.


General Description: 

“We could plant fruit trees – journaling in dance and playing with archival processes”

How does our body remember, transmit and transform ideas?  How does movement help us process stories and what stories live within our movement?  How do we remember ephemeral moments?  How do we allow memories and traumas to resurface in a safe way?  Why is archiving important?  Why is archiving so dang hard!?


These are some questions that have come up for me in my process of journaling, recording, archiving, and remembering.  The questions I posed go deep but in this workshop we will be more so focused on ways in which dancers, but also all performance artists, can practice ways of archiving in what often feels like ephemeral art making. The workshop will discuss many different forms of archiving, how to do it in a way that feels manageable, along with when and how it might be useful.  We will dance. We will write. We will snack. We will talk... Probably in that order.

Studio Accessibility: 

  • The Art Room Studio is in a building with a 4-step stoop. 

  • The Art Room Studio is up 3 flights of stairs. There is no elevator. 

  • There is a single stall gender neutral bathroom in the basement of the building. 

  • If you are taking public transportation, the studio is close to the 57 bus route, and about a 20 minute walk from the BSL Snyder stop. 

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