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July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio


July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio


July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio



January  20                                                                                          7pm
The Art Room Studio



(gen) ise paige deal 

January 20th


The Art Room Studio: 2329 s 3rd st. - 2nd fl 

$10 - $35  •  pay at door  •  no one turned away for lack of funds

Join us in person January 20th for an evening of experiments in altar-making, breath, movement, and moment featuring local artists Mikah Simone, with Aya Razzaz (Leila Delicious) and Vanessa Rosensweet, and (gen)ise paige deal, with the sound museum collective. 

Studio Works is an informal performance series for local artists to share work in any stage of their process. Artist are given studio space and full agency over  how and what they share. All proceeds go to the artists. 

Accessibility:The Art Room Studio is in a building with a stoop and up 3 flights of stairs. There is no elevator. There is a single stall gender neutral bathroom in the basement of the building. 

Please wear a mask! 


Mikah Simone


gen fans togehter.jpg

(gen)ise paige deal

Mikah Simone is a Jewish-Egyptian-American dance artist who is fascinated by the memories and queerness their body holds. With Aya Razzaz (Leila Delicious) and Vanessa Rosensweet, the three explore how resistance, conversation, food, parties, and love encapsulate all the bodies they hold together.

alt •a•e• r
is a work in progress that embodies our best selves! Or rather, our other selves, the ones you see, the ones we want you to see! It is a phone call to the ancestors and family that made us who we are now…who are we now?

gen)ise paige deal is a multi-disciplinary artist working in floral design, writing, music, and the performing arts. Her work concerns existential questions of life in the margins of society and the pendulum between mortality and living within capitalist parameters as a triple threat minority: black/ women/ differently-abled (invisibly disabled to many.)


Through facilitating the stretch club at The Art Room Studio gen has explored different ideas about the smallest parts of ourselves creating and wants to share that process by demonstrating a stretch, reciting treatments for future projects, and a small arrangement that will turn into an instillation for gen's curated floral music show installation January 21st, a part of a collaboration with Sound Museum Collective. 

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