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July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio


July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio


July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio



June 1st 2024   ⎯  The Art Room Studio

Featuring Vyette Tiya, Miryam Coppersmith, and Aubrey Donisch & Shana Crawford

June 1st 2024 


The Art Room Studio: 2329 s 3rd st. - 2nd fl 

$10 - $35  •  pay at door  •  no one turned away for lack of funds

Studio Works is an informal performance series for local artists to share work in any stage of their process. Artist are given studio space and complete full agency over  how and what they share. All proceeds go to the artists. 


  • We ask audience members to wear a mask. Performers may or may not be wearing masks while performing. 

  • The Art Room Studio is in a building with a 4-step stoop. 

  • The basement is down 3 small flights of stairs with a total of 20 steps. 

  • There is no elevator.

  • There is a single stall gender neutral bathroom in the basement of the building. 

  • If you are taking public transportation, the studio is close to the 57 bus route, and about a 20 minute walk from the BSL Snyder stop. 

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pictured left to right: Miryam Coppersmith, Vyette Tiya, and Aubrey Donisch & Shana Crawford

Vyette Tiya

“building a house for a home” explores what it means to seek steady ground. Collaborative and interdisciplinary, this piece considers recollection, displacement, lineage, and homemaking – a calling back to move forward.

featuring collaboration with Daniel Sohn


Artist Bio: 

Vyette Tiya (she/her) is a Kenyan-American dancer and performance artist based in Philadelphia. Her work often explores cultural heritage and sense of belonging. Vyette is most interested in interdisciplinary collaboration, improvisation as practice, and centering movement as a way to tap into our authentic selves. Vyette studied international studies and dance at American University and she holds an MPA from Princeton University. Connect with her at or @vyettetiya.

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Miryam Coppersmith

"I'm taking up so much space I'm excreting it."  This work in progress explores themes of abundance and scarcity in our individual lives, communities, and ecosystems. Whenever I approach clarity of what abundance might look like for me personally, I snag when I consider how my wildest hopes or dreams would affect the environment or communities around me. How could we actually navigate personal and collective abundance? And what is that, past the buzzwords, anyway? This ensemble of artists has been exploring these questions through discussion, movement, and play in space.

featuring collaborators:  Kimya Jackson, Shannon Brooks, Leigh Huster

Artist Bio:

Miryam Coppersmith (she/they) is a Philadelphia-based performance artist, writer, dance leader, and teacher. In her own performance, she works with movement, speech, and sound coming from her body, drawing on training in Contact Improvisation, Six Viewpoints, acting, Black American social dance, and other influences. She is also a skilled Yiddish dance, having trained under Steve Weintraub. Miryam's solo dance/theater piece Mirele Lernt Zich Yiddish premiered in Cannonball Festival this September, was hailed a "must-see performance" by The Dance Journal, and recently opened SoloFest at the Bridge Street Theater in Catskill, NY.

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Aubrey Donisch and Shana Crawford 

We are figuring out the Echosystem. This is: A duet that exists in phases. A duet that transposes space. A duet that transmits the energy. A duet that acts as the carbon. A duet that is built from and for more than just us.

Artist Bio:

We are Shana Crawford and Aubrey Donisch, a long-distance dancing duo from Minneapolis. Shana by trade is a lighting designer and production manager in New York City, and Aubrey is a Philadelphia-based dance teacher and arts administrator. We have a deeply embedded shared history of movement as a practice of access. We ground ourselves in principles of shared authorship, building around the people who are in the room, autonomy over one’s own body and thoughts, and a belief that dancing isn’t about image, it’s about people

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