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July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio


July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio


July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio



July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio





July 29th 


The Art Room Studio: 2329 s 3rd st. - 2nd fl 

$10 - $35  •  pay at door  •  no one turned away for lack of funds

Join us in person July 29th for an evening of experiments in movement and performance featuring local artists Chloe Marie, Timna Jahoda Kligler, and  Emmett Wilson & Rose Luardo.

Studio Works is an informal performance series for local artists to share work in any stage of their process. Artist are given studio space and complete full agency over  how and what they share. All proceeds go to the artists. 

Accessibility:The Art Room Studio is in a building with a stoop and up 3 flights of stairs. There is no elevator. There is a single stall gender neutral bathroom in the basement of the building. 

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Timna Jahoda Kligler (she/they)

"i am filled with unbearable facts" uses academic research in climate justice, global water policy, and land-body entanglement as source material to interrogate the experience of how unbearable knowledge lives in the body. This unapologetically personal offering investigates how to use movement and performance to create spaces that allow for the experience of discomfort, fear, sadness, and overwhelm of climate crisis. Incorporating a sound score built from my own research and writing, the solo opens a door to sit with the relentlessness and intimateness of our current ecological realities.

Emmett Wilson (they/them ) & Rose Luardo (she/her) AKA Circuitous Situationship

An Undertaking is a diddy to a dirge, a compost pile of characters, a eulogy of ourselves always shifting. As undertakers, it is our business to prepare for burial, and what we bury carries on underground. The arrangements have been made, like a bed once messy with little and big deaths, soiled, but planted with seedlings seeking sun while rooting down in rot. Come shed something if not a tear or a smile while Rose and Emmett lick their psychic-plates clean and compost scraps of heartfelt wishes with soft smiles and necessary neurosis. This piece is interactive by choice- choose your own adventure to witness wonder and wit. 

I'm interested in horror. Specifically black femme bodies in horror. I'm very inspired by classic body horror, and how "unexplained events" and "paranormal activity" are symbolic of the true horrors of existing as a person of color. 

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