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Updates and Highlights 

  Ongoing Programming  

Welcome 2023-24 REAP Artists!
(REAP = Residency for Emerging Artists Project)

Celebrating our 2023 -2024 REAP artists Amalia Colon-Nava, AJ Wilmore, and Kimya Jackson. We are grateful to continue supporting these artists as they develop their research and movement practices, both solo and collaborative, throughout 2023-2024. Stay tuned for more updates on the work they are creating and how you can support!

  Performance Practice  

carry with you this place 

LSDC is excited to share with you our ongoing research performance project carry with you this place following our Subcircle residency in Maine this summer. 

We are digging deeper into our deep listening movement sound practice and weaving in personal story, images and metaphors.

Look for details soon for our studio sharing in early November 2023! 



Sept 17 • Oct 15 • Nov 19


Screenbodies offers opportunity for in-depth somatic and artistic exploration of how our bodies can and do relate and adapt to internet enabled screens on smartphones and laptops. The workshop is led by multidisciplinary artist and improviser Asimina Chremos with assistance from choreographer/filmmaker Shannon Lynn Brooks

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Locating knowledge: a triptych of solos

Read  review of Kimya Jackson, Amalia, and AJ Wilson’s performances for STUDIO WORKS written by Emmett Wilson for thINKingdance.

“....feelings of gratitude for the gifts of these pieces, and someone noted the airplane going by as an act of god (in the poetic sense). I left feeling joy to remember that dance is a way of knowing and understanding the world together.“

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