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July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio


July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio


July 29                                                                                                     8pm
The Art Room Studio



August 24th 2024  ⎯ 7:30pm ⎯  The Art Room Studio

Featuring Ray Toy, Leigh Huster, and Patricia Graham

August 24th 2024 


The Art Room Studio: 2329 s 3rd st. - 2nd fl 

$10 - $35  •  pay at door  •  no one turned away for lack of funds

Studio Works is an informal performance series for local artists to share work in any stage of their process. Artists are given studio space and complete full agency over how and what they share.


Artists are given a fixed rate and all proceeds go into a Studio Works pool that support future Studio Works programs. 


  • We ask audience members to wear a mask. Performers may or may not be wearing masks while performing. 

  • The Art Room Studio is in a building with a 4-step stoop. 

  • The Art Room Studio is on the 2nd fl of the building.

  • There is no elevator.

  • There is a single stall gender neutral bathroom in the basement of the building. 

  • If you are taking public transportation, the studio is close to the 57 bus route, and about a 20 minute walk from the BSL Snyder stop. 

rotating images featuring Ray Toy, Leigh Huster, and Patricia Graham


Ray Toy will lead the audience on a peripatetic journey powered by love, irony, and humor.


Artist Bio: 

Ray Toy is an experimental novelist and performer. They hold an MA from the Royal College of Art in London, UK and a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland, US.

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LEIGH HUSTER (they/them)

What does it feel like to clap for the soil, a tree, the sky? While our planet continues to warm from systems of capitalism, we can still celebrate and reconnect with these ecological communities in an effort to cultivate awareness and action on a collective scale. Clapping is a contagious behavior, like a yawn or laughter. An individual clap soon becomes collective, prefiguring the type of responses necessary for halting the damage to our ecosystems. This outdoor, immersive dance performance attempts to restore our relationship with our local ecosystems through tapping into the radical present through a combination of performance and somatic practice.

Featured collaborators: shannon brooks (they/she), kimya jackson (she/her)

Artist Bio:

Leigh Huster is a mover and performance artist based in Philly. They are a dance instructor and organizer with West Philly Queerobics, a collectively-run, monthly accessibility-centered, all-levels community aerobics class. Additionally, they are an assistant producer of Night of 1,000 Kates, an evening of Kate Bush performance art and worship. They completed an artist residency in 2019 with Headlong Performance Institute.

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Featured collaborators: 

Artist Bio:


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