Voice/Movement Research: Inquiry into forging an improvisational, compositional practice. June 2013-2014



" Paying attention to the taste of sound. Listening to the flavor. To the salt. Deciding how to add to what already exist. Full at the start. Even in the beginning with the silence and stillness. The taste is full and dense" - Shavon Norris


" I imagine an ensemble that incorporates movement and voice exploring every avenue there-in. This opens a whole host of options and could easily become multi-dimensional, cross-discipline in scope." - Andrew Marsh


" I keep thinking about how surprised I am by the ease of this experience. That's not to say that I don't feel challenged- I do - but I don't feel inadequate or overwhelmed or self-conscious. I expexted to be daunted, maybe even paralyzingly so, by the demands of improvisation. Instead, I've found it totally liberating, and exceedingly comfortable."

- Caitlin Butler


" The skull as a resonant speaker- the entire skeleton. Pauline said humming can vibrate down to your toes. Eruption of calls, deep sounds, chugs, paddles, pebbles. The time, voice/movement connection felt quite natural at times! Ripples, rises, drops, thuds- simultaneity and layered truths."

- Leah Stein


"I've relished the chance to do this work in a context- movement- where I can be a beginner in the same way that many of the dancers are beginners with the voice: a kind of dual spectrum of learning with both ends reaching forward towards each other." - Adrienne Mackey


"I left today's workshop floating on the high octane generated by attentive, risk-taking work by the group, beautiful and intriguing visual and sonic images, emergence of new windows into the imaginations of our members, and the posing of fertile questions." - Germaine Ingram


" Another thought I had during this morning's walk was how when doing our deep listening meditations I sometimes find myself " looking" for sounds. I feel like it becomes my task to champion the unnoticed and the overlooked. It makes me think that deep listening is not only the seeking out of sound, but also the rooting through and finding one's place amoung the sounds. " - David Konyk


" I crave clear direction and intention, which could be a hiccup in the effort to find a seamless connection between moving and sounding." - Michele Tantoco


" When we have confidence that others, including those in our group, can identify our intentions and perceive the experiences we represent though voice and movement, we can travel together along the spectrum of possibilities that the score allows. For me, that's where the power is." - Emily Kane


" The whole colony of what ever we are, is always moving."

- Pauline Oliveros


Research for Voice/Movement Research: Inquiry into forging an improvisational, compositional practice  has been supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.

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