Gabrielle Revlock

Photo by Jonathan Hsu

"Influenced by postmodern dance and experimental theater, my performances often depict complicated but relatable interpersonal relationships using a vocabulary that embraces pedestrian movement, abstracted by degrees. I begin with a significant interaction or relationship in my life and deconstruct its dynamics, at times with the person involved. I welcome difficult feelings into the room and work through them playfully. Structurally, I isolate specific moods, themes, dynamics or visual ideas and weave them with strands of contrasting and complementary textures. These juxtapositions at times create absurdity in which I often discover joy, humor, compassion and meaning."

LSDC: How have the social shifts of 2020 impacted your life as an artist? 

GR: Well, I'm not performing as much and I've been in a dance studio three times since quarantine but I still feel deeply connected to my life as an artist. A number of my projects don't look like dance in the strict sense, so not making something for the stage isn't necessarily an issue for me. One change is that I've shifted into more teaching. I had been wanting to make teaching a bigger part of my life so I was glad to have been thinking about that already when quarantine hit.

LSDC: How has the broad emergence of this digital realm influenced your creativity/artistic work?

GR: I'm not sure.  We're still in it. Everything is always changing and yet much is the same. I wouldn't say I'm making work in a drastically different way than I was a year ago. My last performance before quarantine was Nuptial Blitz, an examination of the choreography of wedding photography where I invited people to pose in photos as my partner. It existed both as a series of photographs and a live performance so I was already thinking about and making work that partially existed in the digital realm. Feel free to scroll down my IG feed if you missed my wedding photos spanning November 2019 to January 2020 :)

LSDC: How have you maintained balance and regularity in this time? What does your daily/artistic regimen look like?


GR: I move every day. I go outside every day. I have a walking buddy and a thera-pong buddy. What is thera-pong you ask? It's a cross between ping pong and therapy that I developed with my dancer/psychiatrist friend Peter Chamberlin. I cook. I read. I attend online social events and gatherings. I talk on the phone with friends. I'm making a dance using hula hoops for Drexel University so we rehearse weekly. I teach and practice Restorative Contact, a partner mindfulness practice which uses touch as the primary anchor. It's incredibly relaxing and such a helpful recentering tool that I've been relying upon during quarantine. 

Gabrielle Revlock & David Chin in Revlock's Nuptial Blitz

Photo by Dave Ratzlow 

LSDC: Have you produced any new work, live or digital? 

GR: Yes! In 2019 I created SEX TAPE, a duet where I used as the movement score a videotape of myself embracing a male lover, and then recreated it with long-time female friend (and LSDC company member) Michele Tantoco. Over the summer I worked with filmmaker Shawn Kornhauser to create a video, and by that I mean that we considered the context in which someone might watch it. It's not a documentation of the live performance. It was filmed on location, in an apartment and we made some edits which tightened the piece up a bit. The video also includes an introduction where I encourage viewers to experience the work in the context of mindfulness, as opposed to entertainment. It premiered at the Philly Fringe Festival and is now available for streaming through my website It's a beautiful work and I really hope people get a chance to check it out.

Currently I'm working on a somewhat sprawling collaboration with Nicole Bindler which includes video, working towards a live performance in the spring and managing an online dating club called The Apocalypse Singles Club. We have t-shirts if anyone wants one. 

LSDC: How would you describe yourself as an artist, and/or your work, as we step into the year of 2021? 

GR: I am complicated, joyful, resilient. I take pleasure from putting myself into situations and then seeing what happens, so I seek out people, experiences, sensations, things that make me feel alive. I'm drawn to simplicity but I don't mind a mess. I value the ability to shift perspective above almost all else and thus I will always advocate for the importance of nonsense. 


+ Twenty-five minutes of guided continuous dancing to burn calories & increase cardiovascular fitness. 
+ Yoga-inspired stretching to keep the muscles flexible & strong.
+ A restorative ending including gentle improvisational movement to find grounding & relaxation.

If you are looking to move your body & lighten your mood this is the class for you - All levels welcome!.


Wednesday, January 27, 2021


6:00 - 7:00 PM EDT


$10-$20 sliding scale

Venmo or Zelle quickpay @gabriellerevlock


Zoom! Email LSDC for access to link


Gabrielle Revlock & Michele Tantoco in Revlock's SEX TAPE

Leah Stein Dance Company at The Art Room 

2329 S. 3rd Street, 2nd Floor 

(Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Building) 




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